Filmfare Awards: Government’s Diversionary Tactics?

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Filmfare Awards: Government’s Diversionary Tactics?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | February 01, 2020 14:21 hrs

Yes, Guwahati is going to be hosting the Filmfare Awards 2020! This is something that seems to have drawn massive public attention. So much so that most of the public has forgotten “CAA ami namanu.”

A successful diversionary tactic to say the least, the government has managed to quell most of the public anger by expediting everything around the Filmfare Awards. While public memory is short-lived, I guess we should’ve seen this coming. Assam’s people are a momentum lacking bunch.

For now, let’s abandon the pessimism and discuss Filmfare. The price tags, while raising eyebrows, also raise curiosity. Where would I sit for 500 bucks and who would I sit next to if I spend 3,00,000? Where are the stars staying? Who are the people coming in and finally, how can I score a selfie with them? While all that will find clarity in the coming week, there is a problem a little closer to home. With the entire Filmfare troupe coming in from Mumbai, Assam is only a venue. Everything is being coordinated from Mumbai and this shows that Assam isn’t ready to execute anything of this magnitude just yet. 

Someone mentioned that although people are excited, is it really an appropriate time to host such an event? To that I say, yes! That is the entire point of this event. The attention is being drawn away from CAA to the lady in black and if that requires the government to position itself as an entertainment capital rather than sports, so be it. 

For the end note, hosting Filmfare to make Assam a global tourist destination is still pointless. The infrastructure in the state is still failing and amidst all the political disturbance and internet disconnections, imagine the content that comes up on Google when you look up Assam.

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