Fund shortage ULFA (I)?

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Fund shortage ULFA (I)?

Swapnil Bharali | May 18, 2019 14:20 hrs

So our so-called “respectable” morality and societal monitor, the biggest well-wisher of Axom desh, is at it again huh! Reprehensible and incorrigible as ever, the ULFA (I) has again successfully maimed civilians by their clichéd practiced form of warfare against the Indian “colonialists:” lob a grenade within civilian space. And what better target to grab the maximum attention than Guwahati? Thereafter, dear old Paresh Kokaity, from his insulated space, has the gall to call the media and claim responsibility adding in the process that the target was the posse of paramilitary personnel manning the check point at Zoo Road; the civilian victims were the unfortunate collateral damage.

Two questions arise here. One is of course the choice of timing (Heck! It’s the month of May and hardly a politically crucial time; aren’t we done and dusted with our voting?) and the other is the choice of target. If the target indeed was the central armed forces personnel, why didn’t the ULFA (I) have the courage to take its fight right into their barracks? That would have made for a far more spectacular piece of news. But such “bravery” is not within the ULFA’s comfort zone I guess; civilian Guwahati is.

Credit goes to the Assam Police for its breakthrough in arresting the culprits the very next day. The arrest of the portly male who could pass off as any Assamese gentleman under normal circumstances and the winsome film actress who has lived off the Assamese audience made for a disturbing sight and the deadly possessions recovered from them made us cringe that these dastards actually walk among us on a normal day.

And now coming to the check points that are set up by the police… I wonder on how many occasions these have actually succeeded in netting terrorists. Essentially, they are nothing but serious harassment to the bona fide motorists of the city. This single incident of bombing at a check point makes me wonder whether it would have at all taken place had the paramilitary been in their barracks rather than on Zoo Road.

And finally, is this ULFA’s signal that its funds are depleting? Etched in my memory is the time when their bombings stopped after money “apparently” passed hands and the National Games were held peacefully in Guwahati. Remember that? Well I do!

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