GDD’s love affair with DPRs


GDD’s love affair with DPRs

Sidharth Bedi Varma | May 19, 2018 19:01 hrs

Top headlines in the past three days include ‘Flood preparedness meeting held’ or ‘Sonowal reviews flood preparedness’, written 20 different ways to Sunday.

However, it seems like this exercise has done nothing but made the concerned authorities sit in one big hall, run through some documents over some tea and biscuits, and one Sarma or Kalita da being instructed to disseminate a press release for the media.

Let me get to the point. These flood preparedness meetings have done nothing but made the concerned departments lazy and laid back about actually dealing with the onset of monsoons. Instead of taking stock of the food and civil supplies in warehouses, the CM should’ve cracked the whip on the delayed drainage project, months ago! The erstwhile GDD minister sat on certain projects which should have been the primary focus for the government which included the improvement of the city’s drainage and the development of the riverfront area.

Now we are backed into using last minute third world contingency plans like putting up embankments, sandbags and ‘preparedness’ reviews.

Let’s agree that review meetings are necessary, but why turn a blind eye to the projects that have been left for ages. The riverfront beautification project, which boasts of presenting Guwahati as a smart city has been stuck in the DPR stage forever. Now half the year has gone and we are stuck gearing up for floods. Soon enough, there’ll be Ambubachi and then something else and this cycle will be on loop.

For Guwahati’s sake, let’s hope the new GDD minster presents something for the public on a war footing.

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