Giving value to your vote

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Giving value to your vote

Bijaylakshmi Baruah | April 06, 2019 11:15 hrs

The 17th Lok Sabha election is knocking at the doo. In every election people aspire to see some able people become members of the highest law making body of our country with grace and dignity by redressing the grievances of people in the parliament. But unfortunately, apart from a few session stalwarts, most of the members are just hand raising spectators of the parliament. It is an open secret that political parties give tickets only to powerful candidates who have money and muscle power.

Assam has 14 Lok Sabha seats but we always fail to elect some good orators to the parliament. So far, Assam has elected more than 200 MPs but, out of them, only a few have been able to make their presence felt in the parliament. Hem Barua, Rohini Choudhury, Dinesh Goswami and Puspalata Das were some of the few names that are mention-worthy in this regard. Recently Biswajit Daimary raised his voice boldly for which he received all round appreciation. Recently I read a book A Voice for Assam in Parliament - a compilation of speeches of IP Hazarika. On reading the book I sincerely felt that people of Tezpur missed an able MP’s service in the 11th Lok Sabha as it was dissolved after a mere 20 months and Mr Hazarika never got considered for a ticket thereafter by his party.

The people of the northeast always complain that they are neglected. But if we go deep into the matter we will find that this is basically due to our representater who failed to focus or raise our problems in parliament. As a citizen of this country it is our duty to vote consciously by scrutinizing the capability of a candidate and giving deep thought to our vote. It is also duty of our political parties to issue tickets only to capable and knowledgeable persons of the party rather than monetise the whole issue and then virtually “sell” the tickets.

In the last election of Gauhati Lok Sabha seat, we saw both Bijoya Chakravarty and Biren Baishya pitched against each other; both the candidates are vociferous and capable of raising their voices in parliament. We need such representatives who, irrespective of party politics, can raise issues related to the indigenous people of this state.

For the interest of indigenous people we need a few leaders who believe in regionalism and work for the upliftment of the region. Like our Ranji cricket team, in the political arena also we hired leaders from outside to represent us in the Rajya Sabha. This trend soon started even for the Lok Sabha as well. But people from outside cannot serve us well. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh represented us for more than 20 years but we did not get anything memorable to be proud of as he could not do any justice for the people of Assam.

Instead of believing the false and mud-slinging speeches of political parties the voters should vote consciously by monitoring candidates. It is well known that the fourth pillar of democracy, which is supposed to be vigilant – the media – now-a-days play a tricky role through paid news.

Hence, voters should deservingly give their vote its utmost value and preferences should be given to the eligible or qualitatively superior candidates or the party that can give us better governance. Else we have no business to time and again elect mute spectators to the parliament – that too by bearing the burden of the taxes of election.

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