Good etiquettes doesn’t cost a penny

Monday, 25 January 2021



Good etiquette doesn’t cost a penny

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 15, 2017 19:57 hrs

The recent video that circulated where an IndiGo employee physically assaulted a certain passenger has taken the internet by storm. The cause of the fight, whatever it may be, has made one thing clear; India does not believe in ‘Dignity of Labour’.

A paying customer somehow today considers himself entitled to exuding a certain type of behaviour, one that gives him the right to behave incorrigibly. You would think that someone with spending power is educated, smart and ‘literate’ (read: knows basic etiquettes), but this is clearly the opposite in this country. Why you ask?

Firstly, because wealth in India is inequally distributed. There are the Ambanis & Mittals, then the regular rich, then the middle class and then LIG, which in itself is further segregated.

Because of lower literacy levels, there was a time when people would do as they are told because ‘bade babu ne bola hai’. But this privileged class must come to terms with the fact that they pay for a service, not a person, atleast not anymore.

The attitude of servitude is fading fast, because people are now aware of their rights, more literate, they have more exposure.

I’m not siding with either of the parties, but when I see people beckon ‘ch-ch’ to a waiter; you know that access to money has nothing to do with basic etiquettes. At some level, you ill-treat people who serve you, whether it is your steward, driver, garbage man or the customer care representative who called you before your 10:00 AM meeting.

What I’m saying is this inequal distribution of wealth will continue to increase conflict. Addressing this is in our hands. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ can take you a long way. Most often it suffices.  

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