Guwahati Adda | Bidding Adieu to SM Fakers

Saturday, 16 January 2021



Guwahati Adda | Bidding Adieu to SM Fakers

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 16, 2019 14:55 hrs

Rahul: Aur batao, kya chal raha hai?

Abhijit: Bhai, aaj kal toh fog chal raha hai...

Rahul: Please, it’s mid-November, and there’s no sign of winter anywhere.

Abhijit: Haan, because Game of Thrones ended, and so everyone stopped saying “Winter is Coming.”

Rahul: Then again, if only you’d stop making Tik Tok videos all night, you’ll wake up at 5 in the morning and see some fog around.

Abhijit: That my friend can’t be done coz I’m going to be the next big influencer, the next big star! 

These bloody influencers with their fake numbers have ruled Social Media for far too long. Now even Instagram has decided to end this menace. Now only good content will thrive. People faking it will fade away and the real people will stand out.

Rahul: Wow, that's a deep thought for someone hoping to make it in an industry filled with vanity.

Abhijit: Whatever, for now, check out these cool shades that I got at the sale. I'm gonna be wearing these, a lot! Here, take my photo and I'll upload it today on my profile.

Rahul: My advice? You should buy a pair of swimming goggles, cuz the way you're planning your life, you're gonna drown soon.

Abhijit: I am Gen Z. I am cool and indestructible.

Rahul: Ok, Ek kilo pyaaz leke aao market se.

Abhijit: Sorry bhaiya, paise nahi hai. 80 bucks is a little too steep to spend from my pocket money.

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