Guwahati Adda: Guwahati, In-flght magazine and Awesome Assam

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Guwahati Adda: Guwahati, In-flght magazine and Awesome Assam

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 03, 2017 20:34 hrs

3 friends strike up a WhatsApp conversation after they get back to Guwahati from Delhi, and they discuss the Awesome Assam campaign featuring Priyanka Chopra that has been made available on several in-flight magazines


Himangshu: Dear, Assam Tourism, rehne do, tumse na ho payega. Man, not only do they lack creativity, the photo has no appeal and the poor rhino doesn’t even look happy posing next to that hottie!


Neelakshi: Lol! And why is she chosen as the ambassador for Assam tourism, someone remind me again?


Leena: For her international stature of course!


Himangshu: Just a thought, but I think the rhino is a far better ambassador than what we’ve gone for. Live, real, indigenous and not available in swimsuit alternatives. 


Neelakshi: Couldn't agree more. Plus, the State doesn't have to part with all that money.


Leena: The Government says she doing this for free. Hmm...
Film stars who charge a crore for a second? Pinch me, please?


Neelakshi:  They could have at least come up with a better lie.


Himangshu: A better lie and a better line actually. The tagline is so uninspiring. “Naturally Wild. Kyuki yeh Assam hai.” Pise ami bohut wild hoi kintu! It’s best we keep all that reserved for the bedroom though.

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