Guwahati Adda: How was your Diwali?

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Guwahati Adda: How was your Diwali?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 10, 2018 18:15 hrs

Funny Man: The Supreme Court and I are the same. Apne ghar me, humari koi nahi sunta… No izzat we have.

Sensible Man: Well I think that’s the entire learning this Diwali. Our country is just not fit for democracy and harmonious living. We think only about ourselves and despite all the information and data we have access to, we continue to live with the ‘jo ukhaad na hai, ukhaad le’ attitude.

Oversmart Man: Added to that, there’s is always that one ‘Indian’ guy trying to one up the other. It’s like, “Supreme Court ki himmat kaise hui to tell us when and what to burst. Ye le baccha, ek aur phod. We have to do more than Mr Sharma.”

Inciter: Oh and don’t forget, they don’t take out such niyam out for other (read: Muslim) religions.

Sensible Man: I mean, the entire move just seems like it was meant to mock the police and district administrations across the country.

Inciter: Oh well, our DA is headed by a ‘bhaiji’ looking fellow anyway. I don’t think anyone takes him seriously.

Sensible Man: But my question is why was no action put in place, in case of violation of norms? Guwahati saw more crackers bursting right after 10:30 PM; something that our people seemed to have been doing possibly out of spite. But well, that’s just my two-cents.

I think the Supreme Court ended up making a joke out of itself. With no regard for L&O, environment, or the judiciary, our public has set the benchmark for being an uncivilized lot. And you know how uncivilized people should be controlled? By a dictator!

Someone from the back: Har har Modi!

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