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Thursday, 21 January 2021



Guwahati Adda | If Gutkha is banned, who is going to spit?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 30, 2019 15:04 hrs

Rahul: Oi bhai, what is the bloody government up to? They just banned gutka? What am I supposed to do all day now?

Akash: Yeah I know. I feel like a part of me was taken away. I am so used to saying “Rajani-160 diok” at my panwala, I don’t know mai use kaise muh dikhaunga…

Debu: Well, for once, you’ll show it without red stained teeth.

Rahul: Please, don’t patronize. I don’t know how to just have just Rajanigandha. It has been forever since I did that.

Debu: I am just glad that people will stop spitting along dividers, government offices, public toilets, elevators, pavements, roads, public transport, out on the streets from vehicles and all the other creative ways that our people have devised to paint the town red.

Also not to forget that people will no longer Google “how to mix Sikhar with 160” and then some guy will have over 1M views on his YouTube tutorial.

Akash: I think that with Assam if becoming a hot spot for national and international events, this decision has been bought in quite strategically.

Rahul: Dude, I am just thinking about how to get through the coming days. I have told my guy to arrange for some supply. Not sure you long I’ll stay afloat.

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  • Brave Mazumder

    Shopkeepers are still continuing the sell of Gutkha openly. When asked if he know about the ban, he responded that he don't Care and will keep on selling till stocks last