Guwahati Adda | Mission “Barshapara”

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Guwahati Adda | Mission “Barshapara”

Sidharth Bedi Varma | January 11, 2020 16:51 hrs

Dev: Hey!  So did you go for the India-Sri Lanka match?

Abhi: Yeah man! Got drenched in the rain though..Sang “Vande Mataram”, shouted anti-CAA slogans, had a gala time, got stuck in traffic…

Dev: …but didn’t watch a match right?

Abhi: Yeah whatever! What did you do? Spend time inside the blanket?

Dev: Well, I just happened to read a report on G Plus about the match possibly being rained out. So like a smart chap, I sold my tickets off, and made a little profit too. There are more than enough Virat fan boys around for me to do that.

Abhi: That’s pretty lame…

Dev: But well because of the rain, I did have an interesting incident..

Abhi: What is that?

Dev: Well my clothes didn’t dry because of the rain.

Abhi: And?

Dev: I used my phone’s flashlight to try and dry the clothes. It didn’t work. But I am trying to think what brilliant mind could propose this.

Abhi: Hey! If rubbing a cow and drinking its urine can be used to cure cancer, what makes this so farfetched?

Dev: To be honest, I also had another thought…

Abhi: What’s that?

Dev: What else can you expect at a stadium named “Barshapara.” Baarish toh giregi hi…

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