Guwahati Adda: Thanda-Munda Puja Celebrations

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Guwahati Adda: Thanda-Munda Puja Celebrations

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 12, 2019 15:27 hrs

Das: This time puja went by without much hullabaloo. I mean pandals were less crowded, roads were less chaotic and people just seem to have disappeared this time around.

Kalita: Yeah, I heard it was because people are upset about not having much money to spend. What with the economy going down and costs rising.

Bannerjee: Well, I heard that people were actually out of Guwahati, making the most of the extended weekend. Hotels were booked out several months ago.

Das: Hmm, doesn’t make sense. But either way, Guwahati was a pretty dull place to be in for puja. Pandals tried their best to deliver interesting stuff, but Guwahati wasn’t too excited.

Kalita: I also heard pandals failed to generate enough money with sponsorships and “chandas.” In fact, even in Kolkata, pandals had to cut down their 3 day bhoj to just one day. This happened in Guwahati too.

Das: I guess that’s it then. The economic slow-down is going to affect the rest of the year now. We’ll need a miracle for people to be optimistic in investing in any upcoming celebrations.

Bannerjee: For now, let’s just enjoy the rest of October. The streets are empty still. Private offices are yet to recover from their 3 day slumber and well, government offices are always in need of a miracle for healthy attendance.

Kalita: And before you know it, Diwali will be upon us and then some winter carnival and then Christmas and lo, the year ends! Lord Ram save us! *sigh*

Das: So much for meeting targets.

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