Guwahati Adda | Try and ‘Boycott China’

Saturday, 06 March 2021



Guwahati Adda | Try and ‘Boycott China’

Sidharth Bedi Varma | June 20, 2020 23:38 hrs

Bharat: Hey, did you hear the news about the Indo-China standoff?

Tarkik: Yeah man. Pretty sad. I feel bad for the lives lost.

Bharat: On our side or theirs?

Tarkik: Well, both. But still, I feel horrible about our soldiers dying.

Bharat: Hmm. You’d have been in trouble if you would’ve responded otherwise. In any case, I have found a solution now. With Covid and this sensitive border issue, I feel shareer aur desh ka ek hi upai hain!

Tarkik: Yeah? What’s that?

Bharat: Cheeni Bandh!

Tarkik: Haha. Well I don’t know how successful you’d be in doing that, but good luck.

Bharat: No bro. I’m serious. I destroyed my phone once I heard about the “Boycott China” movement! I’m in for this.

Tarkik: Well, didn’t you buy it already? Did you not already invest ‘your money’? It’s not like you were refunded for the phone.

Bharat: Ou! Right! I guess I got carried away.

Tarkik: Maybe you can avoid purchasing new products which are “Made in China” if you’re really serious about this.

Bharat: Yeah I am. *flips out his new phone*

Tarkik: I thought you destroyed your phone?

Bharat: Yes, this is a new one. I got the all new iPhone XR – all American. Not one of those Oppo, Vivo stuff that you use.

Tarkik: Well, although an American brand, you know that iPhones are assembled in China?

Bharat: What the hell!

Tarkik: And also a lot of your refrigerators, air conditioners, automobile parts come from China. And this does not even begin to dent the list. Also, half the programmers, designers on the apps you use are from, well, “you know where.” In fact, blood sugar pills also come from there. Need I go on about the futility of this movement?

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