Guwahati beautification drive leaves commuters fuming

Friday, 30 October 2020



Guwahati beautification drive leaves commuters fuming

Chetan Bhattarai | December 01, 2018 16:54 hrs

With due respect, the city beautification drive is most welcome. But, there are some issues that we should clear before we delve into the topic. As per the honourable PWD minister there will be three more flyovers coming up in the city, in a few months (as announced). Soil testing was also done at all the three places and media went all crazy. I could imagine the plight of the daily commuters near the already confusing, Ganeshguri flyover. A few weeks of beautification drive was enough to leave them high and dry. 

Cuss words were the norm of the day as they tried to get past that administration-created literal bottleneck. Thankfully, the Ganeshguri pine plantation drive is peacefully over and the labourers have now started digging the Christian Basti and the Rajiv Bhawan areas in full swing. Let’s not even ask why they aren’t doing it at night. Coming back to the flyover business, the simple thought of an under-construction flyover, that, too, a clover-leafed criss-cross one at Ganeshguri, would really be a sight to see, once the work starts. Yes, everybody will agree that once it is complete after those painful months our lives would be easier and hopefully faster by a few seconds, maybe a minute. But we are not all ambulances or fire tenders, are we? We are simple Guwahati residents who want to reach from one place to another within a reasonable time. 

The angst is because why can't we borrow the best practices when we try to inanely fiddle with the rush hour time of thousands of commuters? Delhi Metro, does that ring a bell? Yes, the PWD should send a small mail saying, “We are going to ruin a few thousand hours of commuting life here in Guwahati, could you help us reduce it to hundreds?” Well, we all know what the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is going to say.

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  • Hrishikesh Bora

    It is good but I would like to appeal to honourable misnister for guwahati to look after the cleaningness of drains and road conditions first.