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Guwahati in A Year

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 31, 2017 21:59 hrs

It has been a fabulous learning experience for Guwahati this year. We have been an unenthusiastic lot for a long time now, but this year Guwahati demanded the attention it deserved.

This gateway to Northeast India, right from surviving DeMo, has started working to promote Assam’s tourism as an industry. In our efforts to make Assam awesome, we also celebrated the river with Namami Brahmaputra, the reason why Assam boasts of a rich ecosystem. 

Though some of the promises seemed far-fetched, Guwahati seems excited about a metro rail system and a twin tower in the city. Some exercises that also caught public attention included renaming the roads in the city and having dress codes at Janata Bhawan. But to a Guwahatian, GS Road will always be GS Road.

Thereafter, Guwahati had the experience of a lifetime, like a student getting a shot at advanced classes. We played host to the FIFA U 17 World Cup matches and the T-20 cricket match. Although both the events made headlines for different reasons, they helped us gauge our ability as a city, to host something of this magnitude.
The city of course got a cosmetic upgrade when political parties were celebrating anniversaries and so did we. This year we’ve launched a cool new website at www.guwahatiplus.com with everything in place and more technology being integrated each day. Speaking of cosmetic, you cannot ignore the GTPs cool blue look.

And yes, Assam reeled under floods. There were some fantastic photos that captured that national media’s attention, and this time, we didn’t care for it. 

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