Guwahati’s Mental Well-Being

Thursday, 21 January 2021



Guwahati’s Mental Well-Being

Swapnil Bharali | May 02, 2020 14:43 hrs

A couple of days ago, I came across of survey report by TRA Research – a white paper basically of the mental well-being of urban Indians across India and I was pleasantly surprised that Guwahati topped the list with its mental well-being index reported at 84%. This is of course in regard to the mental state of the urban folks during the current prolonged lockdown. Now the nitty-gritty of the survey parameters escape me but what I learnt was that the index was worked out taking the ‘coping index’ as the numerator and the ‘worry index’ as the denominator and then measured as a percentage. 


The coping index was measured on four parameters and the worry index on six. Whatever the calculation formula is, the conclusions coming from TRA research by itself makes it a believable story and Guwahati has done well herein.

At the other spectrum was Mumbai with its index as low as 28% clearly indicating that stress levels in the nation’s commercial capital were running high through the lockdown. The accompanying chart showed that the smaller cities like Pune, Jaipur and Indore among others along with Guwahati were doing much better than the metros although New Delhi figured next after Guwahati on the list with an index of 78%. Metros like Kolkata, Chennai, Bangaluru and Hyderabad fared rather poorly.

The good position of Guwahati, unlike the metros, may be attributed to a variety of reasons – the main among them being the basic attitude of Guwahatians to put the family well-being ahead of stressful pursuits like career enhancement or stretching one’s earning capacity; these are typical of a city like Mumbai where stability of work or career is of primary importance and takes precedence over everything else. The impact is huge when one’s identity is determined by career or earning capacities. Fortunately it seems that is hardly the case with Guwahati.

Die-hard entrepreneurs here have clearly taken the lockdown and its consequences in their stride and a certain spiritual inclination seems to have set in which makes them believe that taking undue stress over something that one can’t control is basically a pointless pursuit. As Dr Jalpa Butta, Consultant Psychiatrist put it, “It is important for all of us to find peace within ourselves, develop a more spiritual and accepting attitude, learn to deal with change and embrace the higher power during difficult times.”

Yes, Guwahati has certainly shown the way.

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