Guwahati this June - traffic snarls, water-logging and Ambubachi Mela

Thursday, 21 January 2021



Guwahati this June - traffic snarls, water-logging and Ambubachi Mela

Sidharth Bedi Varma | June 15, 2019 13:19 hrs

With the temperatures soaring in Guwahati, the city has let out a cry for help this summer. Temperatures have already peaked to 38°C with the “real feel” exceeding 45°C. But with the Brahmaputra right next to us, it is obvious that when there is scorching heat, rain will follow.

The heavy downpour on the morning of June 14 should be a lesson for the week that lies ahead.

The city administration seems unprepared for the upcoming monsoon season, which includes the week-long rainfall during the Ambubachi Mela. The heavy downpour triggered flash floods in several parts of the city and with unattended “development works” around the city, water-logging followed.

“Unfinished business” is now taking a toll on city’s commuters. The JICA-funded project has left several stretches of roads in a dilapidated condition and no one is taking responsibility to complete the project having dug up the roads haphazardly. The major construction work for dividers along the GS Road has taken its toll on the morning and evening commute. The arterial route of the city has been facing major traffic snarls for over 4 weeks now.

This unplanned approach and the administration’s unpreparedness for the monsoon raise questions about city departments not working in tandem. Because “Minister Sir” personally looks into the construction of dividers and flyovers, it seems like the other projects were abandoned. Might I direct his attention to stretches of roads on Rupnagar where roads have been dug up citing electricity cable laying work and now, there is not a single labourer in sight over the past week?

Let us not forget the temporary and make-shift dividers that are being planted across the city in the meantime. Traffic management has been at an all time low and this unplanned approach has not helped either.

As city dwellers flail their hands about, they also keep themselves satisfied with the clichéd response, “Good things take time.”

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