Guwahati Adda | Holi pe “Chowkidari”

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Guwahati Adda | Holi pe “Chowkidari”

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 23, 2019 11:14 hrs

Bullet wala: O dada, Happy Holi!

Police: O thank you dei bhaiti. *Policeman packs some food in a metal container*

Bullet wala: O, kiba holi special niki? (Got something special for Holi there?)

Police: Heh-heh. Kunubae dise amak Holi buli. Amar to holi chutti nai no. (Nothing much. Someone gave it for Holi. We don’t have a holi-day)

*A rowdy biker drenched in “Holi colours” zooms past*

Bullet wala: Ei saaok sun utpaat lora buror. (Look at the nuisance these kids create)

Police: Ei nokobae! Kali amar thana tu mane bhabibo nuara obostha. (In essence: There was more fighting than a Jason Statham movie, more drama than the Kardashians could keep up with and more hype than Game of Thrones at the police stations).

Bullet wala: Ha ha. Well on the way here I saw almost 4 people passed out on the road, about 10 others walking around drunk and one guy who I’m almost certain was driving drunk, and naked.

Police: I guess there’s something about the “Holi Spirit” that takes your breath away. *An auto-van reaches the checkpoint by and police halts him.* In the meantime, let me take this guy’s breath on this breathalyzer.  

As it is ministers are after our jobs. For us, Chowki means our “outpost,” but little does the public realize that more than “gate keepers,” our “Chowkidars” just want to hold on their Chowki (Chair).

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