HR challenges

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HR challenges

Swapnil Bharali | November 18, 2018 12:33 hrs

Around a month ago, I got a call from a good friend of mine who happens to be the chief editor of a leading English news channel. The slight edge in his voice suggested that he was indeed desperate in trying to hire some quality copy-writers for his channel and he was seeking my recommendations for a few people who could meet his standards. Well, I failed to be of any help to him as, believe it or not, my situation was no different from his in terms of getting hold of suitable candidates for similar work on our news desks and field.

A few days later, my friend’s desperation was confirmed; I saw a Facebook update of his that looked virtually like an appointment advertisement. I called to ask him if the update was of any help and, as expected, he said it was an exercise in futility. 

The point of concern here is this extreme scarcity of people capable of delivering work as per their academic qualifications. There hardly seems to be people capable of writing short sentences and similar stuff in English using the proper punctuations and grammar correctly and one tends to ponder why the situation has come to such a pass. And it is not without reason that you tend to wonder about the teaching quality and standards in our colleges and universities. Batches after batches keep graduating from these institutions of learning and are gainfully employed as per their acquired skills and qualifications. And yet, when it comes to the practicalities of our trade, a qualified MA in English or Journalism often comes a cropper to the extent that the academic qualification is looked at with suspicion.

This poor quality of human resources in Guwahati, especially in the field of news, is a matter of concern and the blame has to be put on the institutions of learning - right from the primary schools to the colleges and universities. Nothing, just nothing, can be worse for the society if quality and excellence in teaching is compromised and undeserving people get armed with qualifications. Writing, journalism and such similar pursuits should not be considered as alternative careers because they are not; these are the most serious of vocations and demands total commitment.

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