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Swapnil Bharali | April 27, 2019 12:26 hrs

The elections in Assam are over and as we await the results while following the electoral activities in the rest of the country, we have nothing but indignation for at least three incidents with regard to the elections in Assam.

First of course is the step taken by former chief minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta and his wife Dr Jayashree Mahanta to abstain from voting in “protest” against the BJP’s reiteration of bringing in the Citizenship Amendment Bill should it come back to power at the Centre. What kind of example is this couple trying to set here especially when Mahanta hardly bears any relevance to the current political scenario in the state? It is this same voting system that propelled Mr Mahanta to chief ministership on two occasions earlier and it is this same system that has decorated Mrs Mahanta with a Padma Shri – deservedly or undeservedly is besides the point here. It was perhaps the worst thing that a proclaimed leader in a democracy could have done just to prove his point.

Secondly, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma breaking into jigs at the drop of every campaign hat made for a sore sight. Ungainly were his dance steps and somewhere down the line, one could feel a certain sense of desperation and unnatural forcefulness in the leader trying to spread the BJP bug. That he took a tumble along the way and flexed his muscles at his supporters to the point where his eyes were spewing venom only succeeding in venting an uneasy feeling among those who caught the viral videos. It actually made us all wonder if the respected leader was okay emotionally and physically.

The indignation was complete when plenty of names from urban Guwahati went missing from the voters’ list. We are indignant even more so because the same names were there in the last assembly elections of 2016 and these same missing names had voted the BJP to power in the state. So, this is a clear cut case of someone with enough authority tinkering with the voters’ list. The voter, having voted in 2016, has enough reason to believe that his/her name being on the voters’ list can be taken for granted. And yet that was not the case.

Yes, we are indignant because our famed Assamese dignity was sadly lost on all three occasions mentioned above.

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