Is Guwahati in Safe Hands?

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Is Guwahati in Safe Hands?

Admin | January 25, 2020 14:25 hrs

After the induction of two ministers in the Assam state cabinet on 25th January, some ministerial portfolios where reshuffled and the education department was again transferred to Himanta Biswa Sarma. It was under Siddhartha Bhattacharyya earlier; the portfolio was given to him when he became minister.

But what made the chief minister transfer the ministry back to Himanta? Bhattacharyya will continue to hold charge of GDD (Guwahati Development Department) and Law & Justice besides additional charge of the Cooperation department given to him which was earlier with Rihon Daimary. To Guwahatians, the performance of a GDD minister matters a lot and after education was snatched away from Bhattacharya, whether GDD is in safe hands is a question to brainstorm over. 

Since Bhattacharya became the GDD minister in 2018, Guwahatians have not witnessed any significant development or change in the city. The city wards continue to be without any councillors with the council elections pending since July 2018. The ropeway project, even after completion, is not operational. The tallest National Flag at Gandhi Mandap was a major unplanned project. The water supply project in Guwahati keeps getting postponed. The parking lot in Fancy Bazar and the botanical garden in the old jail campus still look like pipedreams. 

The minister, after joining as GDD chief, was seen visiting Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) offices like a Bollywood star slamming and threatening officials for not being sincere. But after 21 months of being the GDD minister no great impact was made by him in the city. Before 2016 legislative assembly, the minister used to claim that he knows Guwahati well and will try and resolve all the issues; even Guwahatians were glad when he was inducted as the GDD minister. But now only one question comes to the mind of Guwahatians. Is GDD truly safe in Bhattacharya’s hands? 

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