It’s NRC Day

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



It’s NRC Day

Swapnil Bharali | August 31, 2019 13:32 hrs

This is it! It is D-Day today. Among the 3.29 crore applicants who seek to be registered as Indian citizens and are hopeful of seeing their names in the National Register of Citizens that is set to be published today, a large number of them also remain fearful of being dropped or left out post the humungous exercise that is witnessing its culmination. 

What is a matter of concern though is the hate-mongering undertaken by a well-oiled propaganda machinery to attack the NRC process whereby even the US media sought to paint the exercise as a picture of Hindu-Muslim enmity. Consequentially, the US State Department, in a report, mentioned that while illegal Hindu migrants were being shielded, Muslims were being made specific and intentional targets. Further, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has apparently shown its concern that the Assam NRC stands contradictory to the Indian ideals of religious freedom.

Now all this is truly false news which the propaganda machinery led by the detractors of NRC has been successful in pushing across the world. This includes a section of the Indian media as well as intellectuals who have made no attempt to hide their prejudices. In this vortex remain the small but well-heard voices of organisations like the AASU which justifiably do not want any discrimination between Hindus and Muslims when it comes to their status being “illegal migrants”; all such elements need to be detected and deported – by the lakhs if necessary.

Let’s all understand one thing clearly once and for all. The NRC updation exercise has been driven and monitored by no less than the Supreme Court of India and it has been done with the sole intention of identifying those individuals who have infiltrated the porous borders of India from another country. Now such an exercise is feasible only through the intervention of the State and not through any private body. Under no circumstances can the motive or intent of the Supreme Court be undermined to give a twisted picture by people or groups who have their own chauvinistic prejudices. The NRC is to safeguard the rights of the indigenous communities of Assam and the state’s resources should rightfully belong to them and not to illegal migrants who have no business being on Indian soil.

Here is hoping for a fair and correct NRC today and peace ahead.

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