Jail Bharo Aandolan


Jail Bharo Aandolan

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 08, 2018 13:14 hrs

The businessmen in Fancy Bazaar area on Thursday, put up a small demonstration outside their shops in the area ‘requesting’ the administration to open up the old jail complex for parking during the festive season.

Well from a market point of view, it is a valid demand because the footfall in Fancy Bazaar is going to peak during the festive season and a part of the chaos can be managed with the parking being made available in the old jail complex.

But what I am concerned is with the low intensity in which the shopkeepers put their demands forward. 
Let’s ask the administration; what is the old jail complex currently being used for? It now lies idle and is being wasted. While there is a proposed botanical garden in the complex, there seems to be no update about the same – or it could just be stuck in a DPR phase.

The value of the humungous plot of land has now transcended its allocation as a mere botanical garden and is now seen as a solution to managing the chaos in Fancy Bazaar.

For the shopkeepers, it is important to know that the administration is not going to be ruffled with small photo-ops that were carried out. At this point, dwellers and shopkeepers of Fancy Bazaar must send the administration an intense ‘message’. I say, gaadiya bhar do. The administration must be reminded that public has had it when it comes to dealing with commuting woes in the city, whether it is creating senseless two-way routes, illogical partitions/ dividers or barricading space where there could be parallel parking.

Let people shove cars in and park their vehicles inside, alteast until the administration speaks up about wasting area.

The space is being grossly wasted if this continues. The area must be put to good use, in the appropriate window of time of course. Only with surmounting pressure will they realize what is in the interest of the public and are likely to action accordingly.

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