Kabir Singh ka thappad

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Kabir Singh ka thappad

Sidharth Bedi Varma | June 29, 2019 12:08 hrs

It seems like a scene from the movie Kabir Singh has become the most debated topic in the past week. This scene allegedly glorifies “toxic masculinity” as it shows him slapping his girlfriend while giving her an ultimatum about choosing him or her family.

The pseudo-intellectuals on the internet are of the opinion that this would encourage “bad” behaviour from partners and that glorification of such “misogynist” characters makes people justify poor behaviour in real life.

The internet is the funny place. It’s the same place where people opine strongly about a scene from a movie, go back and look up violent porn and also form passionate relationships with strangers on the internet.

My point is, everyone looks at things differently! Just because you have the freedom of expression, it does not mean that you have to!

A movie is nothing but a form of expression. If you have a problem with the way a fictional character handles his relationship, you, my friend, have bigger problems. To generalize it and set “global and cultural context” is sheer stupidity.

Passion of course has hundreds of forms; some come in the form of supporting your favourite team, sometimes you passionately hate neighbours (countries and people), some people care for animals and some behave strangely in love.

Several people also said that because the girl slaps the boy, it is okay for the boy to slap her back.

Honestly, that is redundant. For Christ’s sake, it’s someone else’s relationship, from a movie, where a director had to get the point across in about 2-3 hours or you’d complain that the movie was too long! Just leave things alone.

If your partner is abusing you and you are not enjoying it, please feel free to walk away, file a case at your local police station, instead of venting out your frustration on the internet and making it sad place to be in.

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