Keeping the Media Motivated

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Keeping the Media Motivated

Swapnil Bharali | July 11, 2020 15:08 hrs

Lockdown! And then some more lockdown! 


What has its effect been on us, the independent media? More and more work for us to disseminate news that are based on facts, not “fakes.” This means more responsibility because the victims of the lockdown – the public at large – remain glued to their phones consuming news more than anything else. News gathering and dissemination has never been more stressful and hazardous than during these Covid times.

If I am to be honest, keeping up motivation levels has become a real challenge because today the independent media fraternity is unsure whether its salary next month is assured. Or even its job for that matter. Why? The fast drying up revenues, of course. The world of manufacturing is on the verge of collapse. High profile manufacturing houses have either declared bankruptcy or have stopped manufacturing indefinitely and its repercussions being felt in Guwahati as well; from the car industry to apparels and everything in between have been hit by zero sales. The ripple effect of this is the bankruptcy of advertisements – the main source of revenue for independent media houses like ours. When there is no scope of a sale, what is the point of advertising? And so, where does that leave an independent media house? How do you keep the motivation levels of journalists up under this massive cloud of uncertainty and a zero-revenue situation?

Add to this is the slew of home-based “media houses” sprouting up freely on digital platforms with intentions that are questionable, to say the least. Their claims to be independent also remain doubtful. With all due respect to them, many such media houses have been indulging in plagiarism of content, sensationalism just to make their presence felt and other offshoots of journalism that is doing more harm than good to the fraternity as a whole. And on the genuine media houses is the added pressure of doing stories that remain motivating to all those other frontline warriors including the government in a manner such that our news is not misinterpreted and thereby prove “de-motivating.” 

We, the independent media, are also a huge part of this big war and we take pride in our contributions, our part to keep everyone motivated and engaged through our responsible work. But with depleting revenues, keeping ourselves motivated is proving to be a Herculean job. The times are such that we also seek some financial succour.

While media bashing is always imminent, the succour today is totally missing.

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