Lessening The Diwali Pollution

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Lessening The Diwali Pollution

Swapnil Bharali | October 26, 2019 13:15 hrs

As we go to press with a fresh volume of G Plus today (this edition is Vol 7 Issue 1), it is on the celebratory occasion of Diwali. Six years of covering and uncovering Guwahati and offering readers news and reading material has been a challenging task but a heady and delightful experience at the same time. It has been a steady but certain growth in followers on our digital channels and I feel elated to convey that our website gets 3-5 million hits on an average every month. 

Well, with Diwali on the anvil and ahead of the same, Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (M), Biswajit Pegu, has issued an order based on Supreme Court guidelines on celebrating Diwali in a sedate manner with the specific aim to ensure safety and reduce noise and air pollution. Yes, the environment is getting more and more fragile and its preservation is of paramount importance.

And so, given the restrictions of bursting crackers which will be allowed only between 8 pm and 10 pm with sound levels of firecrackers contained to the decibel limit of 125db, we need to extend our cooperation with the full faith and understanding that these orders will hold us in good stead and such muted Diwali celebrations can also be most enjoyable.

Moreover, bursting of crackers on public roads, market places, near hospitals, mosques and other places of public congregation has also been prohibited and this is a worthy step given that in isolated localities of the city, bursting crackers on roads while there is a moving traffic always seemed to be the “cool” thing to do even if the same put motorists and two-wheeler riders at risk of injury. 

What however needs to be ingrained in our system is the realisation that celebrating Diwali with wanton bursting of crackers is only detrimental to us and does not improve our plight in any manner. Rather than follow an order initiated by the district administration, it is our holy duty towards our own future generations to take steps in the right direction towards conserving our environment and keep it as free from pollution as possible. The administration can do only so much as issue an order; enforcing it is a different ball game and it is in this enforcement that we can play our part.

Wishing a Happy Diwali!

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