Let’s Talk Guwahati

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Let’s Talk Guwahati

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 28, 2018 16:14 hrs

In this ongoing month of July, G Plus has possibly conducted one of the largest surveys ever done in the city of Guwahati independently. The survey, titled ‘Let’s Talk Guwahati’ was driven by a massive internal team moving both offline and online to get this rolling.


The results from the survey which the publication is going to present in the coming weeks, is going to set the record straight for all the key departments and how they have performed.


What makes this exercise crucial is that people participate in this and get their voices heard. To quote an advertising guideline, ‘When people rage, brands quaver.’ The same is applicable for governments – ‘When people rage, governments must quaver.’ Our advertisement heavy government has promised a lot, but judgment could be upon them – if not now, maybe a few more months down the line. 
While there are major issues that need to be addressed both nationally and locally, there are governments diluting these issues and would rather run after changing names and nomenclature. For a government whose advertising budget is more than the rehabilitation fund set aside for women and children victims, it seems like they are going to be questioned a lot in the months to follow. Advertising can only get you so far.


So as the survey is coming to its end, we urge Guwahatians to create as many conversations under #LetsTalkGuwahati as they can on social media or by writing to us and telling us what ails Guwahati, because if you don’t do this now, the government’s good advertising can make their failed product succeed, and we are in no way deserving of that.

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