Lifting the Pall of Gloom


Lifting the Pall of Gloom

Swapnil Bharali | July 18, 2020 17:16 hrs

If I am to gauge Guwahati’s current mental state, ‘gloomy’ is the word that comes to the mind.  

Along with its hustle and bustle, pragmatism, which was a trait of the city, is today buried under the massive Covid numbers popping up everyday through the current lockdown. Today it seems that Covid-19 is the only disease that the city is grappling with and all other diseases – fatal cancer included – have taken a backseat where treatment is concerned.

Incidents are replete of how even cancer patients need to be Covid-negative first to avail their regular chemotherapies as and when they visit their respective hospitals for the same. Patients requiring dialysis for their dysfunctional kidneys face a similar predicament. Get the Covid test first, everything else will come later! 

Actually, we just cannot help this gloomy situation; the thrust of the state government is now on controlling Covid-19. To add to the gloom is the fact that a negative result today just does not mean negative always and should be no cause for celebration simply because one could turn Covid-19 positive at just the next instant should one be adequately careless. And so, one wonders whether all these tests being undertaken and the positive results being thrown up – under the strict and depressing prolonged lockdown - are really working towards getting the city back on its normal fast tracks. Yet, the efforts of the government towards controlling what could turn out to be a real epidemiological disaster for the city cannot be undermined or questioned. And this only makes the pall of gloom even wider and thicker.

In such a situation, one wonders how we can demonstrate some more pragmatism and wisdom when the current lockdown is lifted. Certainly, the old normal will not return any time soon and this gloomy situation will continue for a long time. But what we can do as citizens of Guwahati is to perhaps nudge each other really hard, on a daily basis, into observing the behavioural protocols that have been laid down. 

Beyond this, it is for the government to find ways to ease the Covid situation and give due priority to other patients as also simultaneously open up the economy in a planned and safe manner. 

The gloom will remain; we just need to carefully cheerful, find reasons for the same and lift the pall to the extent possible. 

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