Making something out of Nothing


Making something out of Nothing

Sidharth Bedi Varma | November 18, 2018 12:37 hrs

“Tum doodh mangoge, hum Kiron Kheer denge...Tum insult karoge, hum cheer denge…” - Anonymous

The above is a quote sent to G Plus in response to the KaranKirron fiasco. I think for a region that claims lack of attention, we always squander the opportunity to better educate ‘mainland India’ about us.

Instead of making an attempt to establish a positive image as a ‘people’, we go all out and attack anyone for having an opinion about something out of the Northeast.

The recent India’s Got Talent fiasco where Karan Johar posted a video and said that he wouldn’t wear the jaapi because it wouldn’t suit his attire sent our people in a fit (pun intended).

The Karan-Kirron fiasco teaches us that we have much to expose ourselves in terms of educating people about our region, our people, our culture and not react otherwise. If this were a positive experience for Karan and Kirron, they would make more educated videos/content on their social media channels to positively impact life in the region. However, since this experience is completely bitter now, you know that NE’s exposure on the show is going to get affected, and this of course has a ripple effect.

Other celebrities will now shy away from talking about Northeast and making the smallest attempt to connect with the region. Like it or not, Karan Johar getting embroiled in a controversy HAS an impact in Mumbai.

This means, we have to stop being offended at every little thing that goes wrong. Our obsession with asserting our culture is only going to get in the way of connecting with ‘mainland India’.

For your information, our people would equally fail to recognize tens out thousands of tribes from rest of India. There are people here equally unaware of tribes such as Bhil, Gond, Santhal, Jannsari, Sentinelese, Gujjars, Pangwala and more.

Let’s make an attempt to better educate each other rather than making it a ‘he did/she did’ incident.

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