#Me Too Movement and Men’s Sexuality

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#Me Too Movement and Men’s Sexuality

Subhasish Das | October 24, 2018 11:27 hrs

The #MeToo movement that started in 2006 in the West has kicked up a storm in India of late and refuses to relent. It has embraced many big and mighty in its fold tarnishing images and tumbling reputations, built overtime. This also brings to the fore an unsavoury phenomenon that has existed in this world since time immemorial - the sexual exploitation of the fairer sex. The names of bigwigs like Nana Patekar, Alok Nath, Kailash Kher, Subhash Ghai, Sajid Khan, MJ Akbar, Chetan Bhagat, Rajat Kapoor, Vikas Bahl, Abhijeet Bhattacharyya etc. doing the rounds only substantiates the fact that no profession could ever be reckoned as safe for women in India. The latest biggie to join the maligned bandwagon is Padma Bhushan recipient, painter Jatin Das, and it proves beyond doubt that name, eminence, reputation, stature, position etc. play little role when it comes to concupiscence in men.

Most men have always been accused of objectifying women, an aspect that prevails across societies, whether liberal or conservative in degrees varying as per the values cultivated. However, before all of us go all guns blazing against men and their carnal behaviours, let’s try and understand the behavioural pattern and as to why the majority of male species consistently act in such an obnoxious way despite being aware of the baleful consequences.

While women’s desire for sex may be incited by their mind, memory or emotional feelings, for men desire is purely physical. Men have massive amounts of testosterone racing through their bodies, consistently driving them toward sexual expression. Arousal at the slightest provocation is one of the most normal experiences that a man can have. Most consider their bodies as pleasure machines that they’d like to enjoy in top gear. Any smile, coquetry, insinuation is a hit on the male brain that spikes with ecstasy at the remotest hint of something associated with sex. Blame it on the gods/nature, like it or not, men have been programmed that way biologically. 

The Indian society beset with a conservative bent of mind eschews talking about sex judging it as a taboo. Boys and girls naturally develop an extreme curiosity towards sex once they step into adolescence. This irrefragably is the right time to talk to them about sex, make them understand about its significance and need in human life, the virtues and vices associated with its use & misuse and guide them in the right, unerring path where they go on to become good human beings with high moral values. Instead, our social surreptitiousness around sex, the ever-increasing curiosity of the young minds and the omnipresence of porn, helps create a monster that inhabits inside most men in this country. Such iniquities when inculcated during the formative years tend to cling to your consciousness for life. The despicable behaviours/actions of these notable personalities that are now surfacing one after the other could well be an upshot of the above circumstances.

If there’s one thing that could go against the victims, it would be their silence over years/decades on such serious issues. A wrong is a wrong and the victims must realize that maintaining either a laboured or a convenient silence for years doesn’t help their cause much. It makes you wonder why these ladies remained silent for years and decided to blow the lid off now. Apparently, most of these victims who are from the entertainment industry must have preferred to remain quiet then as none could jeopardize their nascent careers that would never have taken off otherwise. Now that most of them have established their names along with a strong foothold in their professions, they decided to raise the alarm. Now with the lurking possibility of the big and mighty overpowering them and the movement & media both losing steam in due course, one only feels that these revelations should have been done years ago when the incidents had taken place and not after years of silence. Realistically, this has only yielded a safe passage for the miscreants.

With all these developments, one can only feel terrible for womankind as none of the victims so far have been males. And let us not forget, these are merely a few of the reported cases, perhaps just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of cases of sexual misconduct, harassment and molestation in this country go unreported. Sexual exploitation of women has always existed in some form or the other in every part of the world. For the way the male brain functions and processes things related to its sexuality, there’s very little probability of the menace being eliminated altogether from the face of the earth. As I mentioned, at best it can be controlled by providing the right counselling to the young minds at the right time. Needless to say, parents and teachers have a massive role to play in not just shaping the young minds but also the future course mankind takes.

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