Messing Around with GS Road

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Messing Around with GS Road

Swapnil Bharali | March 07, 2020 19:06 hrs

What is GS Road to Guwahati? Like, what does this street mean? To say that it is the city’s lifeline would be a big understatement. 

Like c’mon, all the main hospitals are on that street. Care for me to name them? Ok here are some… GMCH, Apollo, Nemcare, Down Town, GNRC. Do I continue? No need right?

March 1 last saw an international level marathon taking place in Guwahati. Yep! It was a welcome thing to happen for the city after all the mess of protests and other saddening stuff that dear Guwahati has been through. The organisers of the marathon were a high profile lot and it was good that they managed to add a very popular event to the city’s sporting calendar. Much on the lines of the Mumbai Marathon. The event was received very well by the participants. After all, in such events – maiden as it was in Guwahati – you don’t get people paying and participating. Such was the professionalism.

The event was very well publicized so far as the categories were concerned: there was the full marathon for the international and national professionals at 42.5 kms. There was the half marathon and then for the enthusiasts, there was a 3 km walk. Super!

Two things however went terribly wrong. 1) The organisers, with the clout that they enjoyed, chose to hold the event in the evening: 6 pm or something onwards. 2) The route of the marathon? Khanapara field to Bhangagarh and back four times. Well, you don’t block GS Road in the evening. Period! Read the first para again please; too many issues at stake. 

The consequent traffic snarl that occurred will remain part of Guwahati’s commuting folklore and with no great accolades to the organisers for the singular irritation that they perpetrated that fateful Sunday evening.

Please, please, please, under no circumstances should we mess around with GS Road! 

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