My Way Or The Highway

Thursday, 26 November 2020



My Way Or The Highway

Admin | June 29, 2020 18:14 hrs

A crying baby, swollen legs, uncalled for deaths on the long road to home. The sudden clampdown of the first lockdown had its share of melancholic stories. Nobody listened. As the first lockdown was announced, middle class Indians ran to the grocery stores - some to wine stores – for their provisions. A clampdown which should have happened at international airports since the beginning of the pandemic was thrust upon hapless citizens. 

A similar play was enacted when demonetization was in force. Initially, it was hailed by many as the greatest move ever. But down the line we all understood what it was. Taking decisions on whims has become the norm rather than the exception. If the signals coming out from our political class is anything to go by it looks like no one has an iota of idea on what is coming next in the pandemic. A near real achievement of the Assam government “model” of containing the virus that could be emulated by other states is done and dusted. Are Guwahatians today ready to embrace the latest lockdown? Citizens are clueless and have to rely on government information; at times the confidence showed by our political masters make us believe that the COVID 19 infection is under control and within redeemable limits with political bosses consuming massive airtime on TV and digital media. 

But the scene which has transpired now calls for a serious introspection where we need to raise hard questions to the political class. A classless citizenry is the real armoury of any nation. And can we raise those? Both the demonetization and the COVID 19 pandemic have left the citizens with a lot of questions that many won’t dare to ask. In one sense it looks like “It’s my way or the highway!”

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