New in the market


New in the market

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 16, 2018 12:59 hrs

We live in times when fitting into trends is more important than fitting into clothes, when just saying anything is more important than saying something relevant. I think this is why the term ‘me too’ has now become overbearing and is losing its value.


When gold loses its value, it means your return is going to be smaller. But when trends lose value, it is the fear of missing out (FOMO) that hits everyone. Which is why, everyone wants a piece of the pie, while it’s still hot.


The worst thing about the ‘me too’ trend is that it talks about sexual harassment long after the death of the incident, sort of like a posthumous recognition and India is such a fan of those – renaming roads, buildings, awards and institutions long after the death of people. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they institute a ‘me too’ awards to recognize the most successful revelations about sexual harassment.


These revelations that have surfaced targeting politicos, celebrities, artists and media and advertising professionals are actually more harassing than the actual incident. Because of this, HR ko mail circulate karna pad raha hai about conducting sensitization workshops at offices.


If you were sexually harassed and molested 10 years ago, how does a public apology help you now? A question to the women in the workplace with aggressive career plans; you know L&O well, you couldn’t be pushed around by the system like an abla-naari, why did you not approach the courts and police then? Why wait until now?


Clearly, these social media sympathy stunts are getting out of hand and I for one have no intention of tolerating this. Also, in the era of FOMO, the value of silence is increasing. Best that some of us use it wisely.

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