New Year 2020: An Expensive Affair


New Year 2020: An Expensive Affair

Sidharth Bedi Varma | January 04, 2020 13:55 hrs

With the onset of new decade, the year 2020 honestly is not off to a good start. The headlines to start the year off have been ominous. Rape in police custody, divisive politics and laws, slow economy and poor market sentiments tell us that while the world is a dark place, India seems to be farther away from the light.

The month known for aggressive market spends and high spirits has seen an all new low point, and all this marks the end the end of the decade.

Assam still seems not ready to recover from the month-long slump of December. National brands failed to rake in revenue owing to business establishments being shut. Local brands were hit by market sentiments hard and kept a low profile. Interestingly, F&B segment in the city too failed to get much reaction from the residents and couldn’t make up for the losses. Of course, this is an industry that almost triples its revenue and public engagement in this season.

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