“No Country for Joke Men”

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



“No Country for Joke Men”

Sidharth Bedi Varma | June 02, 2018 19:56 hrs

Baba: So the toll gate in Raha in going to be operational is it? And the toll tax will be levied at 18% GST? I think I’m going to look for property on Mars and settle there, mostly because I think no political party is going to swindle me there.

Bhau: Did you forget that Mangalyaan happened? Consider it a Government of India mandated recce. China ya Pakistan ka recce kar nahi paye so what? Mars hi sahi!
Bhaijaan: Are you calling our Prime Minister a swindler? A fraud? A thug? You dare mock the great Modi ji? Did not you hear about what happened to that fellow from Assam last week who thought he could get away by mocking Modi? He was arrested!

Baba: You know, although, this guy made the “offensive” video by choice, it was worse that a government employee was almost suspended last year for sending a WhatsApp forward that mocked Mr Modi.

Bhau: Ek toh yeh WhatsApp groups and messages have ruined my life! Bachpan me kaan ke niche maa bajati thi, ab bhi sote waqt kaan ke neeche *ting ting ting* bajati hai. Sometimes she’ll forward a UFO sighting, sometimes there is a Shilvling in Amritsar, other times it’s the damn “Best National Anthem Award” to India by UNESCO. The worst of all however is the “Best Prime Minster Award.” I must say, WhatsApp forwards are the Freddy Krueger of 2018. Too much fake news.

Baba: In any case, I think that the Government is serious about developing a sense of humour this time. They gave the Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim cards to Baba Ramdev because it can block all porn sites. Also, you need to apply for a special Sanskaari card and get approved by the government to possess one of these SIM cards. Also, this Sanskaari card will automatically certify you as a nationalist and auto posts pro-Modi memes on Facebook…

I think acche din aa gaye...

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