One act of random kindness


One act of random kindness

Sidharth Bedi Varma | August 29, 2018 16:43 hrs

Assam is going to become infamous as the girlfriend who cries every time you miss her phone call. She thinks that you’ve forgotten her and you’re busy with someone else. Well, it’s time Assam grew up and stopped whining…

In the context of the floods that have wreak havoc in Kerala, people in Assam have been cribbing about the attention that media, business tycoons, Bollywood and political parties have showered on Kerala. Adding to Assam’s woes, Kerala has been supported with reported international funding, fund raising drives and television airtime, all of which does not seem to settle well with people here. (Note: For those wondering, Kerala’s flood relief amount is still less than what Assam has been sanctioned previously).

Now you could argue that this could be politically motivated considering the 2019 elections, but does it really matter? 

Just weeks ago, around 33 people were reported dead in the first wave of Assam floods, but no one asked the government about the annual flood spend. No one asked about the status of embankments and the contingency plans for the second wave. Instead, they choose to ask ‘Why is Kerala getting all the attention?’

Adding to this, there is another self-styled religious leader who said that Kerala has brought this upon themselves because ‘they eat beef.’ Well, now is the time to choose, whether you want to be a part of people saying stupid things or be better than him and extend a helping hand? 

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