Selfish Intentions in Religious Beliefs

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Opinion : Selfish Intentions in Religious Beliefs

Bishaldeep Kakati | June 02, 2018 18:50 hrs

The dawn of civilization always dreamt of a society that would be free from superstitions as well as illogical notions. And that is the reason a civilized society always desires to do stuff that have valid logic associated with it. However this progress graph of civilization somewhere down the line has always faced hindrances and blockages mainly because of certain prevailing superstitions and beliefs that have been constantly coming from the religious aspects. Although religion and development of conscience are both indispensable parts of human society, an imbalance in this equilibrium is equally harmful when we speak about keeping in terms with this ever expanding and developing world. But the hilarious thing is that even after stepping into the 21st century, we are still driven by religious illusions like an idol of god drinking milk, incarnation of the almighty in the form of ‘sadhus’, ‘babas’ etc.

The above scrupulous discussion is intentionally brought in to focus the fact that certain myths and beliefs still linger around the bevy’s mind which are not only irrational but are also harmful for the entire society and nature as well. And out of many such unjustifiable and baseless myths, the slaughtering of animals in the name of God is quite disturbing.


Although this issue of slaughtering of animals brings in many strong reactions every time it comes into focus, of late this issue has once again created a great deal of hue and cry with mass reactions, this time because of an appeal by none other than Zubeen Garg.


The entire incident happened when Zubeen Garg, while performing in a Bihu function at Kamakhya Temple, made a bold statement regarding the issue of animal slaughter. Garg appealed to the crowd to completely stop this immoral and unethical action of slaughtering animals in the name of religion. The singer, in a rebellious tone, asked to kill oneself in the name of God if at all necessary instead of innocent animals. As soon as his statement became viral, a section of people supported him and the rest strongly disagreed. However, the locals of Kamakhya were so furious that they even announced that Garg wouldn’t be allowed to enter the Kamakhya Temple premises again unless he seeks a public apology. And in reply, a defiant Garg stood firm to his statement to once again protest the preposterous act.
However the pivotal question that arises now is: how logical or illogical is Zubeen Garg? Or to be more precise, is the act of slaughtering animals in the name of God justified? 


The matter of fact is that the ancient history of India or Assam not only included slaughtering of animals but also humans. But the thing that we descry now is that slaughtering of humans in the name of God has completely stopped, and this is because may be the bevy realized the fact that slaughtering in the name of God is completely illogical or immoral. That being the case, people similarly should also understand that slaughtering of animals in the name of God is equally irrational. Added to this, if we consider the fact the fact that all living beings of nature have been created by God, how can we not understand the simple thing that the Almighty never wants its creations to be slaughtered in its name? In simple terms, slaughtering of animals in the name of God is just like killing a boy or a girl in the name of his mother or father which is completely absurd. Along with it, if facts are to be believed, nowhere in any religious scripture, things like slaughtering of animals in the name of God have been mentioned. Secondly, even the two great souls of the state i.e., Mahapurush Sankaradeva and Mahapurush Madhavdeva completely opposed the ‘Boli Bidhan’. And most importantly, if we carry our attention towards the legal perspective, an act known as “Wildlife Protection Act, 1972” has already been passed, which states that killing of wild animals is a criminal offence. And if the honourable High Court has already banned traditional buffalo fight and Bulbuli fight, they should also be bold enough to ban the act of slaughtering of animals at Kamakhya Temple or during Durga Puja. Further, when animals are recklessly killed, it also destroys the ecological balance which is harmful for entire nature. And even if the religious beliefs are to be given priority, then these animals should not be slaughtered; rather they should be set free in the name of God to live and flourish as no mother wants her dear child to be killed or slaughtered in her name.


So like every time, Zubeen Garg, as a responsible citizen and artist, has once again rightly condemned this act of slaughtering animals in the name of God. And for his virtuous statement on this, Garg has also been conferred the “Hero to Animals Award” by PETA. But it is also equally important for the greater masses to realize and understand the appeal made by Zubeen Garg.


However, it still feels that the slaughtering of animals that have been going on since time immemorial has less of religious logics and more of selfish intentions. Or may be a particular caste of people is still trying to be more dominant over the others. But, in between all these, the need of the hour is to completely abolish the act of slaughtering of animals in the name of God and take important and necessary steps to save and preserve nature.

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