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Our Well Greased DTO

Swapnil Bharali | September 07, 2019 16:55 hrs

Visiting government offices located in Guwahati for personal work is often considered a potentially daunting experience; such visits are often procrastinated upon, kept in abeyance. One is often overcome by the probability of having to navigate through a surging crowd of people – all in a rush – and thereafter with the possibility of the work not getting done due to any number of reasons. And so, one is often tempted to resort to middlemen (commonly called dalal) and fork out some extra money thereby avoiding paying the visit. Work gets done this way as well but need not be – at least not at the office of the Regional Transport Authority or the DTO.

I had the occasion of visiting the DTO to renew my car’s registration certificate (RC). I was determined to visit myself just to get the experience – good or bad – of what it was like get work done there. And was I in for a most pleasant experience! Leaving the heat of this week, ambience and surroundings aside, renewing the RC was an exercise of clockwork and clinical precision. It just took a little bit of my common sense to identify the right window/counter (numbered serially to minimize confusion) to go to and thereafter, it was a step by step tour of a number of counters that included two visits to the cash counters in between. The soft spoken counter clerks were most cooperative, wasted no time, and exuded a sense of desire to work well and fast and get things done. And the best part was there was no indication or expectation whatsoever from any of them towards some small palm greasing to get a file passed. In fact, I could not see any lunch breaks either from 11 am to 4 pm that I was there.

The only experience that I came back armed with and which needs to be shared is to buy the relevant form from one of the many support shops that are outside the premises, get your paper work/documentation correctly done and xeroxed and buy a file cover with a string tag from them so that you can save some trips up and down the stairs. Also, some change needs to be carried to tender the exact amount.

Well, the DTO functions like a well-greased machine and other government offices can indeed emulate it.

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