Partying Responsibly

Monday, 18 January 2021



Partying Responsibly

Sidharth Bedi Varma | December 20, 2020 16:31 hrs

We are living in difficult times, and the times are not over yet.  

Honestly, writing about the pandemic seems redundant because readers now think, “Oh, not another moral lecture. We know, wear a mask and maintain distance.” This comes with the afterthought that all the people you hang out with are not showing any symptoms of being Covid positive, ‘So I am safe.’

Well, having been moving around hospitals for the past two weeks, I am not so sure that the precautions we take are enough. Accidents don’t happen because you were driving fast (well, not always), but because there was someone else rash-driving. The pandemic is pretty much like that. Healthcare workers, although careful, are also making lapses, moving in and out of Covid wards, touching surfaces and maybe sometimes breaking protocol. Of course, this is not something that is being done intentionally, but this certainly could be monitored better. I understand that the healthcare industry is a thankless profession, but nevertheless, you know the cons when you get into the game.

What’s going to be critical for the next two weeks is the Christmas and New Year fever that is going to hit the globe. Bye Bye 2020, Hello 2021! I bet this is going to be the next cliché party theme after Y2K.

There are already grand plans that have been put in place to kick start 2021 and I would advise nothing but caution. Why people are behaving like Coronavirus is just going to disappear starting Jan 1, 2021 is something I don’t understand.

The last week of December is going to be all about Covid protocols being broken, mass gatherings taking place, rooftop parties, kisses with strangers and exchange of drinks, all becoming a part of ‘merry making’ and I guess that is not something you want to monitor. This restraint has to come from within, ‘varna, aunty police bulalegi.’

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