Piggybacking on the star

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Piggybacking on the star

Swapnil Bharali | October 01, 2018 18:28 hrs

The talking point in the city this week is of course Rima Das and her monumental cinematic work, Village Rockstars. As the media partner helping her to promote and market her product to the masses, the G Plus team went through a series of activities that included a press conference and finally the premiere show at Cinepolis, Central Mall – both on Thursday last.

Rima is of course the hottest property in town at the moment and everyone in the media wanted a slice of her. Perfectly understandable! The clamour for an invitation to the premiere was to be seen to be believed; Rima indeed had her moment in the sun in her home state. 

The amusing thing however was to watch fascinated the propensity of some senior film personalities – usually still revered for their past work but who are understandably past their prime and so, slowly fading from public memory and relevance – in trying either to be part of the spotlight or in fact, trying to hijack the spotlight from the star of the moment.

During the press conference that was carefully slated within a certain time slot, a senior movie director decided to barge in uninvited, take the stage alongside Rima and go on to address the press as to why he feels that a movie like Village Rockstars should NOT have a premiere show so that anyone watching it should be paying for it. He further sought to drive home his own agendum by informing the press that the Film Fraternity of Assam – the august body of filmmakers and technicians dedicated towards uplifting Assamese cinema – would be having their own paid show at a city theatre the next day.

Post the premiere show at Cinepolis, another veteran film star did not fail to hog the limelight with his effusive praise for Rima such that he upset our whole pre-planned script of the evening. The respectable actor took his time in being as eloquent as anyone can be despite his rhetoric being pathetically ordinary. The Hima-Rima line that is already so passé, you know!

These greats of the past need to understand the word “grace” because seizing such moments to be in the temporary limelight is akin to piggybacking and winning the race. 

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