Please go to Jail

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Please go to Jail

Swapnil Bharali | December 15, 2018 12:28 hrs

How cool is it to double park? On Guwahati’s narrow streets? Or specifically in Fancy Bazar’s congested Kamarpatty Road? Right under a “No Parking” signage? Not really cool I’d say; in fact it’s pretty tacky especially when a long desired facility is being offered for comfortable parking for the high and mighty car commuters bound for Fancy Bazar.Or is it, I wonder, also tacky and probably unhealthy to take a short walk from this new facility to one’s desired destination within Fancy Bazar? I mean, just how big is Fancy Bazar really that it cannot be covered on foot?

While I try and avoid a visit to Fancy Bazar unless it is absolutely necessary, I had to do so recently with the numbing thought in mind: Where will I park on reaching? As I reached Kamarpatty, I noticed a prominent sign that read: “Parking available at Old Jail compound.” As I drove in, I just couldn’t help but notice the prevailing anarchy on the road. Double parked cars on the left side of the road along with the teeming vendors and shoppers narrowed the road further bringing the traffic to a pace where snails could overtake me! My car lumbered on to the old jail premises and I steered in. Ah! What a spacious car park! For all the screaming and imploring by Fancy Bazar and Athgaon residents (much of it through G Plus), the administration, to its credit, had responded. Parking charges are extremely nominal – 20 bucks for the first hour and 10 thereafter. The vehicles would be safe with that much lesser chances of getting scratched by another vehicle than those double-parked cars on the road.

But no! We Guwahatians want to just crib when it comes to issues like these and we will never want to take advantage of these facilities simply because for us, walking a certain distance after travelling in a car is perhaps hard work. What got my goat was the total lack of enforcement of the No Parking rules on the part of the traffic department. The Kamarpatty road being a one-way street, I saw just one solitary traffic personnel doing his best in curbing wrong entries at the jail intersection.

Visitors to Fancy Bazar need to realize how streamlining their attitudes would streamline the traffic beautifully.

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