Puja And The Responsible Guwahatian

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Puja And The Responsible Guwahatian

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 05, 2019 10:58 hrs

Notwithstanding the various pressures the nation seems to be in currently, be it with its economy, borders, internal political issues et al, Guwahati seems to have truly ushered in the festive season with a sense of urgency. Perhaps the massive collective social trauma unleashed by the cumbersome NRC exercise has taken its toll on the happiness of the Guwahatians and today, the urgent desire to celebrate and make merry in the balmy autumn weather has overtaken every other priority.

As never before, with the huge newfound awareness on the dangers being posed by plastic, this Durga Puja is set to be clean and environment-friendly for sure and which is of course much needed. Plastic wrapping has consciously been discarded and even the mandatory jalebis are being sold wrapped in old newspapers. What this essentially means is that the celebrations are on but with a huge touch of responsible behaviour at all levels of the society. If the most modest of vendors are conscious of respecting his surroundings and yet finds sales during the celebrations, I would reckon that half the job is done.

Having said that, festive Guwahati is wearing the look of a beautifully bedecked bride. The pandals have come up and are being given the finishing touches. Some of the themes are unprecedented and so original that it will make pandal-hopping a real pleasure. In such circumstances, the responsibility being displayed currently by Guwahatians needs to be carried forward such that the Puja passes by well and remains incident-free. Liquor consumption needs to be done with the same responsibility and Guwahatians may very well nudge each other to behave as sensibly as it can. Much fun and merriment can be derived from just shopping and meeting up, from consuming the delicacies on the streets to paying obeisance to the deity and in doing so, a whole lot of happiness can be ushered in. 

Yes, Guwahati can show the way this Durga Puja!

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