Rabble rousing outsiders

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Rabble rousing outsiders

Swapnil Bharali | December 22, 2018 11:37 hrs

It’s a wonder how our Guwahati repeatedly gets violated by outsiders bringing the city to a standstill; the perpetrators (read instigators), in each instance, are none else but our politicians. Ironically, most of these politicians are also not original Guwahatians and are basically using Guwahati to further their own political interests without really having those endearing feelings that one has for their own home.

Take the recent silly instance: the local fallout of Rahul Gandhi’s thoughtless utterances on the Supreme Court’s verdict giving a clean chit to the union government on the Rafale deal controversy. What on earth has the hard working, office-going Guwahatian and his or her school-going children have to do with this verbal slugfest on Twitter that the ruling BJP had to bring out a morcha of agitationists onto the arterial GS Road in protest thereby disrupting all our schedules? And in response to that was the Congress Party gearing up for a physical rebuttal had its activists descending in hordes at its headquarters, the Rajiv Bhawan. All this happened without any precursor or prior warning which otherwise would have perhaps alerted Guwahatians to alter their travel routes. 

But no! Outsiders with no respect whatsoever towards the Guwahati’s citizenry unleashes mayhem at will. Time and again! Funny videos have begun circulating on social media of interviews with these outsiders who basically had no idea why they were in Guwahati as part of this political tussle in the first place. They had no idea who or what was Rafale; one fellow at least managed to mumble the word “Royal” thank goodness! Illiterate people from the nearby villages brought to the city in hordes to protest an instance of “opoprosar” by one Rahul Gandhi and perhaps paid for their presence leaving the city further dirtier, made for an awesomely sickly sight that made our democracy a classic misnomer once more.

We are not likely to forget the Akhil Gogoi pandemoniums in a hurry nor those countless cases when picturesque Dighalipukhuri was held to ransom throwing city life out of gear. With the approaching elections next year we have reason to fear of such activities being further stepped up and yet these rabble-rousing outsiders will never learn that protesting has never got them even a shade closer to the solutions they are seeking.

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