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Tuesday, 26 January 2021



The Gloomy State Of Jollywood

Assamese cinema, in spite of having being taken seriously, has never really been able to break through at a national level, unlike most recent South Indian and other regional films.

Rifa Deka | September 21, 2019 17:10 hrs

Minimalism: The Millenial's Guide To Opulence

The reduction of physical and materialistic possessions may be minimalistic to an extent, but it is not minimalism in itself. Minimalism is when we list down things that add value to our lives.

Rifa Deka | September 07, 2019 13:37 hrs

The Dark Side Of Social Media

The author writes on the flipsides and perils faced by social media influencers who might have, in the real world, come to blows with their haters.

Rifa Deka | August 31, 2019 14:07 hrs

Lessons From The Various Researches

Guwahati, the gateway city which leads one to each of the seven sisters, situated at the banks of the Brahmaputra River, has seen rapid urban growth unlike any other city in the region.

Rifa Deka | August 03, 2019 17:02 hrs