Road rage repercussions

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Road rage repercussions

Swapnil Bharali | January 23, 2018 18:32 hrs

While the city police have often come in for praise with their crack crime branch solving the city’s crime cases rather promptly, a recent case of extreme road rage, where an innocent was brutally killed by a youngster driving an Innova car, seems to have them stumped. The big car apparently has disappeared into thin air and most interestingly, none in the vicinity of the incident managed to get a clear shot of the vehicle’s registration number.

Cases of this level of extreme road rage are rather uncommon in Guwahati and so, this comes as a real shocker. And sadly, more than anything else, this single incident has cast aspersions on these certain youngsters who have been raised in a manner such that they seem to have no idea of the value of a human life. It does not require a great deal of brain-strain to realize that these youngsters are part of the same living space that you and I share – Guwahati - and this is enough to send shivers down the spine. And to further make the scenario more fearsome are the emanating rumours that the strapping youngster had two young female companions who were inciting him to actually “kill” the “bastard” who had dared to cross paths with them.

While the police have their tasks cut out in apprehending the culprit (which hopefully will be the case by the time we go to print), it is the overall picture of education and upbringing that stands stark and grim today. Savvy youngsters and their commuting paraphernalia have often been major issues of discussion among Guwahatians. G Plus has, time and again, reported on the easy availability of intoxicants and influencers in the city which are huge inciters of such rash acts of criminality. This being the fact of the situation and our times, it is just imperative that children are raised better and imparted a proper education both at home and school. Spoiling them with expensive material gifts gets them nowhere but into trouble.

The road rage of the youngster in question has resulted in a murder. The day he gets caught (which eventually will happen) his life will be over. Bad repercussion from bad education indeed!

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