Satellite TV, toh life jingalala?


Satellite TV, toh life jingalala?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | December 10, 2018 11:34 hrs

Early December, Doordarshan had announced that it would start its streaming services in HD. DD also announced that it is starting a new channel titled DD Roshni which is an educational channel, presented in association with Microsoft Aspire School Program and will present live television and Skype lectures in the classrooms to assist teachers in BBMP schools. BBMP is the Bengaluru equivalent of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation. 

We’re living in times where virtually every rural household has a satellite dish despite a thatched roof and this is a smart initiative to educate more kids who lack resources.

Drawing a parallel to this, the condition of government schools in Assam is extremely poor. Leaving aside the poorly colored and peeling walls, teachers have been deputed on NRC and Election duty which is a wasteful engagement of their time. There is already a clear shortage of good teachers in government schools. Why add to the burden of the school while hampering a child’s education?

Private schools are putting their best foot forward when it comes to providing holistic education for children. This however comes at a sizeable fee which everyone cannot afford. Clearly, government run schools are okay with a lackadaisical attitude towards their students and it doesn’t look like it is their fault completely. There is only so much you can do if your school is taken over on the order of the government, not to forget the fact that the government conducts an annual examination to rank the performance of the government schools - Gunotsav. It is like the government wants to pat their back for having done a poor job.

Poor education affects these children and we can never achieve a poverty-free and literate India if these basic requirements are not met.

Also, DD continues to deliver the most accurate and sensible opinions to better educate people rather than the 9:00 PM debate shows that everyone is glued to over their dinner tables. Period.

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