SEBA Gaffes


SEBA Gaffes

Swapnil Bharali | February 15, 2020 16:04 hrs

What is it with the premier education board of Assam that it finds itself being part of some embarrassingly wrong kind of news virtually every year? I am talking of the Board of Secondary Education, Assam popularly (or even affectionately) referred to as SEBA. 

In 2017, SEBA had to make some major changes in the Social Science and Assamese question papers following reports of question paper leak. As per news reports, the question papers of both the subjects were leaked in Hojai and Baksa districts. While the examinations of the two subjects were scheduled to be held on 23rd February and 7th March of that year, SEBA had to print new sets of question papers for the subjects and also had to set a new exam date for the Social Science paper. And how did the question papers get leaked? Well, in the two above mentioned districts, Social Science and Assamese papers were distributed to students instead of General Mathematics. 

In 2018, the Board was again mired in controversy over the leakage of the English question paper. 28 candidates were expelled despite the exams being held under CCTV surveillance and two exam invigilators were caught by exam authorities for using mobile phones in prohibited exam zones.

In 2019, the question paper for the English exam went viral on WhatsApp minutes after the commencement of the examination on February 14. As per media reports, copies of the English question paper were allegedly circulated at Nagaon’s Jajori centre over WhatsApp after just a few minutes of commencement of the examination.

Prior to all these was the hilarious story of answer sheets being chewed by cows in 2012.
And this year, I am reproducing verbatim Question No 30 (a) from the English question paper that was laden with grammatical and factual mistakes: Suppose you are the General Secretary of the Students’. Union of your school. Write an application to the Principal requesting him to grant a half holiday on the occasion of the Kali Bihu Festival.

To what can this regular incompetency be attributed is difficult to pinpoint indeed. And who needs to hauled up and made accountable is the other question that never gets an answer. At this rate, the credibility of the Board becomes a big question against the professionalism shown by other boards like CBSE. SEBA needs to be really careful hereafter.

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