Seize the opportunity

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Seize the opportunity

Swapnil Bharali | July 06, 2019 15:28 hrs

For once, the Gandhi scion, Rahul, has been right. Or rather has taken the right decision. And a brave decision too by his sister Priyanka’s opinion through a tweet which I quote verbatim: “Few have the courage that you do @rahulgandhi. Deepest respect for your decision.” Indeed there is no doubt that Rahul Gandhi had the courage to stand against the political heavyweight that BJP is – his conduct and utterances during the election campaigns notwithstanding. And in the aftermath of the election debacle, he has seen the writing for the Congress Party on the wall and thereafter has had the courage to do a reality check, starting with himself and his leadership.

A strong democracy requires a strong opposition for its own good. Such an opposition is required to keep the checks and balances, to engage in good media debates and to have some healthy verbal brawls in the Parliament. But the Congress Party was truly floundering under the uninspiring leadership of Rahul Gandhi. What perhaps is one of the two moot problems of the Congress Party is the deep-rooted nepotism within it – a culture that starts right from the “high command” of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and percolates through the Pilots, Scindias, Chidambarams right down to the Gogois and Saikias. The other, that is sycophancy, of course pans across any other party in India. But it is more so within the Congress as is evident from a photograph currently circulating on social media that seems to suggest a 90-year-old Motilal Vohra genuflecting to Rahul Gandhi in an apparent gesture of gratitude at being made the interim president of the Party. Our own Himanta Biswa Sarma minced no words in several interviews to the media when he sought to drive the sycophancy point home – you had to be a “blue-blooded” Congressman to catch the attention of the Party president during Sarma’s days in the Congress Party.

All said and done, the opportunity to revamp the Indian National Congress has presented itself now. The nation had long followed its ideologies and the Party has remained proud of the same. The degradation started when its individuals placed themselves above the Party and the Nation and Rahul Gandhi stepping down presents the opportunity that needs to be seized. A thorough cleansing and resurrection thereafter and we should be having the most vibrant democracy in the world!

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