Selective rebukes

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Selective rebukes

Swapnil Bharali | August 11, 2018 19:32 hrs

I hold the Supreme Court of India in reverence and awe. Actually, every Indian does. After all, it has been successfully putting the checks and balances on the corrupt elements of the Indian Executive and Legislature and has done more than its fair bit in holding the morals of our Indian democracy high. And so, every utterance, frowns, verdicts and judgements through its formidable college of judges are treated with a great degree of respect and admiration.


In the post NRC situation however, has come an observation and some harsh words that seem to border on rebuke by one of these venerable judges who targeted the state NRC coordinator and even threatened to send him to jail for what the judge termed as action that was in contempt of court. The state coordinator, Prateek Hajela, apparently had stepped out of his line of duty when he briefed the press about the “claims and objections” that an applicant can apply for on not finding his or her name in the NRC final draft. The harshness of the words apart, the scolding was selective in nature given to a meek government official who, for obvious reasons of his job, has no scope to answer back or offer a clarification. 


In contrast were the far more damaging and contemptuous actions and reactions (by way of inflammatory utterances) by seasoned Indian politicians like Mamata Banerjee and her ilk who, to all appearances, tried to create social and communal unrest to the extent of even sending a delegation of party workers to Silchar with intentions of instigating unrest there. We would have been really impressed had the Supreme Court chosen to take suo moto cognizance of the act of these politicians and issued a stern warning to them as well. However, despite the entire Indian media covering the macabre spectacle, the reverend judge in question could not locate a single newspaper to brandish the way he found one to question Hajela.


The worst fallout of this for us journos is that Hajela will now obviously clam up. For all the heat that is expected to arise during the “claims and objections” period, I doubt we will get a single byte from him to present a clear picture of the news to our readers. 

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