‘Server Down’ at Janata Bhawan

Wednesday, 15 July 2020



‘Server Down’ at Janata Bhawan

Sidharth Bedi Varma | September 01, 2018 18:43 hrs

The Janata Bhawan is the nerve-centre of all government operations in the state. All major government functionaries operate out of here. 

Any visit to the Secretariat starts with the basic obstacle of making an entry and being frisked. Citizens visiting the secretariat are required to make an online pass/e-pass. However, it is only upon your visit that you find out that the ‘servers are down’ and so the e-pass is not valid. Of course, you then queue up in what is generally a long line. 

This is not just a one-two day rare occurrence. The e-pass system has been plagued by the ‘server down’ problem for almost the past 4 months. This of course reflects poorly on the entire set up. Why introduce something if you can’t maintain the operations behind it. How difficult is it really? 

Sometime in the past year, the Assam Secretariat had decided to make certain improvements in the e-pass system for visitors. They aimed to replace the paper slip with an SMS based entry where visitors were to display their valid ID Cards/ID Proof with the SMS at the time of entry. However, 2 years have passed and we’re still leaving paper trails behind. I mean people at the Secretariat should know better than to leave paper trails behind.

Added to this, there was also a concept for an exit code to be given to the visitors which was to be showed by the visitor during the exit, failing which they could be barred from visiting the Secretariat.

However, none of this is in place and we’re still in a paper driven format. As a provision, the e-pass system needs to be sorted out immediately. If the aim was to ease public woes, this is definitely going the other way.

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