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Sex Survey Guwahati Today

Sidharth Bedi Varma | March 14, 2018 17:17 hrs

A sex survey done by a reputed national weekly, across 19 major cities in India was the week’s highlight for Guwahati. While this survey has always been exciting and something that most media and advertising professionals look forward to (oh yes, you do!), this year’s theme of ‘sex at workplace’ seems to have rattled some office chairs; also, based on the survey, chairs were rattled in the workplace, ‘quite literally.’ 

Guwahati threw out interesting answers for their ‘sex at workplace’ survey, which said 93% people indulged in sexual activities with their subordinates and 98% of the people agreed that sex in the workplace had a positive impact on their careers.
While the authenticity of the survey continues to be questioned year after year, Guwahatians strongly condemned the findings of the survey, possibly because the results didn’t paint a ‘sanskaari’ picture about us. 

With people leaving comments in ALL CAPS – ‘the survey is a fraud’ and ‘journalism hitting an all time low’, what the public must know is that publications can monitor each and every metric for every story, every click, every device and engagement, which tell us that people read such stories – sadly, much more than the stories that hard working journalists deliver by running themselves to the ground. 

This is the reason why this survey continues to be published year after year and keeps the audiences’ tongues wagging and fingers clicking.

Sadly, people are only concerned about ‘entertaining’ content presented as news, so that the reader is under the illusion of being ‘well informed.’ 

People shouldn’t really be surprised if someone comes up with a ‘Great Guwahati Sex Survey.’ Clearly, being different doesn’t do much for publishers these days...

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  • Sudeep

    Sex is not bad, The word sex makes you bad..when it's one of the hidden truth of human life, A life behind the curtains .. Education ,understanding ,expressiveness, makes life easy.. Hided things make life complicated. Resulting to increased crimes,than the usual life's. In human life sex plays an important role in his development ,maintaining balances in mind body relations or mental and physical balances. An active person is always happy with his sex life..for which sex education is a must..